How to Unlock Self- Love?

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Any relationship can be transformed as long as the journey begins with YOU.

Believe in relatedness, kindness, and empathy for yourself and the others. Be interested in togetherness and connectedness – raw, unfiltered and uncensored. Trust solidarity and union of people coming together, brave enough to speak up the unspeakable and what makes us all  humans. That is your tribe and contrary to many opinions it does exist. No One can possibly know the reason for your choices as no one can possibly know what your life is all about. Drop the expectation that one should know. What has been seen as hurtful and unkind might have been the only option for you. Find peace with it.  Acceptance does not equal agreement yet ignites tolerance and gives permission for multiple truths and realities to exist at once. By minding your own business you discourage others to mind yours.

The secret to unlocking Self- Love lies in:

  • having a courage to seek your own truth
  • talking to yourself authentically
  • being honest and real with yourself
  • learning to control your reactions
  • becoming responsible for whatever you say, think, do and feel
  • being able to respond to whatever arises rather than reacting to it
  • seeing consequences of your choices either you like them or not
  • tuning in to what you belive in, the way you judge and victimize yourself  as the criteria you see the world around you