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You can only change your reality from the level of your mind!

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“When you stop changing, you are finished.”

—Benjamin Franklin

Couple years ago, I was 25lbs heavier, 25 times lazier, had 25 new excuses each morning and knew 25 different reasons how not to no get out of life what I truly wanted. My reality seemed to work against me. As I was betraying myself, I saw the world through lenses that perfectly justified my own betrayal. On the surface, all looked good – how I looked, felt and what I had. An ordinary life with internal struggles and many attempts to make a permanent changes in life only to witness it collapsing each time. More and more distracted by and entangled in different aspects of life, influenced by various relationships, I set myself for a bumpy ride. …
Does it sounds familiar?

We throw ourselves at ambitious goals and aspirations – telling ourselves ‘how this time’ it will be different and will turn out better. How we’ll be more organized, happier, productive, present, calm and successful only to let them quickly fade away the minute life gets a little tough. And this is where “trying“ is not good enough and it is different from “doing”. we have tendency to produce excuses and justifications, even the legitimate ones, so they can only back fire on us. Our language projects how we see reality at large and how we build barriers to action. Our Reality gets distorted and we start believing that who we are. We start rejecting people and circumstance that not support our betrayal and surround ourselves with those who do!

“Perhaps the way to face our insubstantial, elusive, vague and uncertain fantasies that we call our reality is to find a way out from this vicious circle to awaken to different experiences to take place, which will permit diverse considerations.”

Kasia Jamroz

Individual Coaching gives voice to your passion.
Encourages your self–expression.
Honors your individuality.
Celebrates your accomplishments.

Powerful, one–on-one conversation, design to meet your individual needs.
Either you need to clarify your goals or to widen your perspective. Break the unhealthy patterns or habits or to understand how your believes, values and rules control how you think, feel and ultimately behave. Getting emotionally fit and strong. Making new choices and fulfilling new dreams.

“There’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.” —Warren Buffett

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If you are READY (and you are) to become aware of your unproductive habits, beliefs and assumptions, READY to step out of your comfort zone, and to master your future rather than being stuck in the victimhood of your past and You are willing to transform your perceptions, attitudes and emotions into empowering manifestations of who you truly are – then WELCOME to your Brand New LIFE! Let’s do it together!

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