The Surrender Project

In Breakthroughs, Personal Development, Reflection, Transformation by Kasia Jamroz Comments

Reflecting on spiritual ancestry today. Soul reaching. Depth Feeling. Multi-dimensional reflecting. Parallel UNIVERSE wondering. Reminiscing those who departed voluntarily and others who transitioned to another dimension.

Touching my underworld to heal, to move deeper into still unconscious hurting places. Trusting the process regardless how mysterious is still, how many surprises still carries. Expanding for lessons to show up. Surrendering to it more without an initial strong need of rejecting the uncomfortableness around it. Carving out the path to the hidden place – where inner peace resides. Overcoming the resistance that still shows up and asking “ok, what is it now?”

I am ok with my MESSY HUMAN SELF. With losing myself in self-created distractions and coming back with clarity. Ignoring triviality and focusing on deepness of experiencing. Being totally OK with my child – like attitude, feeling alive – either crying or laughing, expressing my passion and desire in many surprising ways (believe me they do astonish me too) Finding hidden bursts of energy to go BEYOND to get what I said I WILL, when falling down from exhaustion ……

I LOVE my MESSY HUMAN SELF. “The sum of parts is greater than the whole” Aristotle
Practicing to SURRENDER without hesitation, without reason, with no “on” and “off” button. Truly letting go to suspend in the mid – air, leaping the faith and stepping into the vastness of allowing…..