Gratitude Ritual

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Today I am very grateful for the last 17 years. Today another chapter of my journey made a full circle. I found home in yet another country – in the country that never ever cross my mind to live in. Today, I understand more, argue less. I am humbled by received possibilities and all opportunities taken (and believe me I was not an easy tourist until I realized I have become a traveler and it ALL served its purpose.)

Today I still investigate where my home really is yet I have learned that home is a place where you can become yourself. Relocating, moving around and/or travelling provides a wonderful opportunity to grow, only if we are able to accept and process the given homework. It offers constantly evolving mix of different places, people and cultures and grants us a privilege, by simply allowing us to experience it. The movement itself has a meaning only if we know how to be still. It is ok to stop for a reason or for the season, to reconnect and to rediscover – the place which we no longer wish to escape – home. Stepping out of the life we have always known empowers us to have an overdue conversation with a friend long not seen  – yourself – and to understand what you profoundly care about.  And home, in the end, it’s the place where you stand, in your heart, in your soul that travels with you through the centuries and it guides you towards your destiny.