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“A lasting transformation is only possible from deep within; repetitively ripping and stripping the layers of absurd and borrowed assumptions, limiting beliefs and debilitating fears.” —Kasia Jamroz

The inward journey requires a daily ritual of “spring cleaning” to successively remove all that clutter and debris that get in the way of our growth. It calls for a “connoisseur eye” not to get rid of the “vintage” pieces of us worth keeping as they hold timeless value.

Get UNSTUCK and THRIVE Coaching Program has been designed to guide you to define your challenges and to confront them by understanding your needs without guilt or fear. To get clarity on what has to be untangled by breaking the challenge down and breaking through it by exploring the ideas and making commitment to executing them in alignment with your values and goals.

Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed & Hopeless?
Tired, Lost & Unmotivated?
Anxious, Unsatisfied & Unhappy?

Get UNSTUCK and THRIVE Program gives you an access to your Personal Power by:

  • Learning to prioritize what is important to you.
  • Defining your own challenges and creating solutions
  • Committing to achieving desired results
  • Becoming a master of your destiny rather than a victim of your history by executing your vision
  • Getting passed your self – imposed limitations, perceptions, attitudes, and emotions into empowering manifestations of who you are possible.

Are You

  • Trying to ” Get a Life” instead of Living Your Life
  • Missing on life because of fear, anger, frustration or disappointment
  • Feeling confused, lost or overwhelmed
  • Feeling pressured by everyone else’s demands on you
  • Dragging all unfinished and unsorted life’s debries
  • Struggling to see your blind spots and old beliefs
  • Sabotaging your life with self- criticism
  • Not able to create lasting change
  • Finding difficult to accept yourself the way your are
  • Not sure what matters and what truly don’t anymore
  • Confused what do you truly want

And you WANT to:

  • Get UNSTUCK & Thrive
  • Find CLARITY
  • Un- bottle your emotions
  • Build meaningful relationship with Yourself and Others
  • Release fears and old stories blocking you
  • Understand the root cause of your resistance pattern
  • Increase your Self- Awareness, Self- Acceptance, Self Worth and Self – Compassion
  • Heal old wounds and release your past
  • Take ACTION to move forward with your Life

Then Get UNSTUCK and Thrive Program

Courage • Curiosity • Clarity

Is What You Are Looking For!

My Coaching Program Includes:
Get Unstuck • Get Clear • Get Curious • Get Results

    Pre-Program Workbook which guides you to get clarity on what you want to experience out of us working together
    An Initial 60 min Discovery Session to review your workbook and set clear goals for the weeks ahead
    Six (6) x 60 min Get Unstuck and Thrive Coaching Sessions – we will meet every two (2) weeks for 3 months to dive deep to create a powerful shift
    One (1) Follow up Thrive Coaching Session to check in and receive additional support
    Unlimited Email Support
    PLUS Access to my Online Course “Self- Love Unstuck” (value of $99.00)
    Continue with Get Unstuck & Thrive Maintenance Program (pay as you go or coaching session package)

Your Investment:
One Payment of $825


“Self – Love is a way of being and living. Despite the circumstances, despite the opinions of others, despite our own inner-critic voice.”

— Kasia Jamroz

You don’t need a magic wand—you are it!

“Kasia’s humility in sharing her personal journey and the techniques she uses to connect people are just beautiful. Thanks to Kasia, I realized another level of passion for the divine. Thank you for everything.. your time.. dedication and, most beautifully your non – judgement and love. Your energy was endless and your love was moving, touching and inspiring.” —Anita H.

Break”Through” to
The Leader in You
Creating Results That Last

Registration open now

Break”Through” to The Leader in You Program supports development of leaders at all levels. It helps to address the individual and organizational reality, and to align personal advancement with the demands and expectations of the actual business objectives.
This program delivers results that matters to YOU:

    Personalized RoadMap To Change helps you to:
  • Understand your inborn preferences and how they shape your relationships with others, your communication, conflict management and decision-making style through MBTI Personality Type Indicator (value of $100)
  • Recognize how your perceptions and perspectives drive and/or control your live
  • Dismantle limiting believes
  • Overcome Fear: Manage Emotional Additions & Cultivate Courage
  • Prepare for Management or Leadership roles
  • Increase Personal Effectiveness and Performance
  • Overcome Fear: Manage Emotional Additions & Cultivate Courage
  • Deal effectively with Conflict
  • Welcome your strengths and appreciate your weaknesses
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Clarify Values, Objectives and Goals
  • Predicts performance (Your Potential, Your Challenge, Your Motives, Drives and Your Values) through Hogan Lead Series Assessments (value of $ 500)

With focus on YOU – Break”Through” to The Leader in You” Program assists you in understanding the Leader in You and it is your next step in achieving your individual and professional goals and aspirations.


    Establish Credibility
    Lead with Purpose
    Tolerate Ambiguity
    Drive Results
    Articulate Your Vision
    Become effective Leader, Influencer and Communicator.

    Remove internal blocks and barriers
    Empower yourself and experience a deep and satisfying connection to your authentic SELF
    Show up consistently in the way that allows You to build authentic interpersonal connections, trust, cultivate personal growth and co- create your desired outcomes. Overcome toxic beliefs and behaviors

    The quality of your leadership style drives your and your team performance, contributing to the organizational effectiveness.

Break”Through” to The Leader in You

Twelve (12) 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session to Assess, Plan and Action your Personal Development Plan (value of $ 1800)

Two (2) 60 min 1-on-1 session to understand your results along with development plan (value of $ 300)

Four (4) 30 min 1-on-1 maintenance coaching sessions to support your learnings and discoveries post – graduation from the program. (value of $ 300)

MBTI Personality Type Indicator (value of $100)

Hogan Lead Series Assessment (value of $ 500)

Limited time offer. Register by November 15 and save $505| *offer expires at midnight | ** $600 deposit required to be applied towards the program fee upon full registration

Full price $3000
Special: $2,495

$600 Deposit to Save Your Place in the Program

Complimentary 60min CLARITY Session

Please fill out this Transformative Clarity Session Questionnaire which will help me to assist you in gaining clarity about where you are in relation to your dreams, passions and goals you want to accomplish. Answering these questions should take you 10 minutes and all information is 100% confidential.

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