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Why Do I Do What I Do?

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Many ask me “Why do you do what you do? See, when it comes to matter of running and climbing, I divide people into two types: Those I don’t’ need to explain my passion to, and Others who would never understand it. I love doing extraordinary things. I love to challenge myself and to compete with my biggest and only …

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Live It Up! – Transformation one RACE at a time.

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What an incredible experience the TSC New York marathon had been. The VIBE, the ENERGY, the SPIRIT. Unforgettable. As I SENSE the aches and soreness in my body, I bring back the feeling of admiration for all the amazing people with whom I shared the race course. I reflect on my 20th mile when I got existential and questioned my …

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Instead of Getting a Life – Live Your Life

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Don’t look for perfection, search for content. Don’t say “I need to get a life, Live Your Life”. Immerse yourself fully and undeniably in what makes your heart skip the beat. And go for it despite all that wants you to stop it. Run, jog, crawl if you must – just don’t stop and never look back unless you want …