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Effective Ways to Practice Self- Love

In Love, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Reflection, Soul Care Program, Transformation by Kasia Jamroz Comments

It feels more natural to crave the reward rather than the struggle. To have results while skipping the process. Being in love with the victory and not the battle itself. To boost our self-esteem through justification when we fail to get what we want rather. To play our favorite blame game – blaming our childhood, our parents, even the political …

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How to Unlock Self- Love?

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Any relationship can be transformed as long as the journey begins with YOU. Believe in relatedness, kindness, and empathy for yourself and the others. Be interested in togetherness and connectedness – raw, unfiltered and uncensored. Trust solidarity and union of people coming together, brave enough to speak up the unspeakable and what makes us all  humans. That is your tribe …

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Know the Diffrence

In Human Nature, Life Lessons, Love, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Reflection by Kasia Jamroz Comments

Not everything needs to be always spoken up. Some thoughts are of the knee jerk reaction nature.. there is no need to share them as they only instigate reactions. And we are already living in a time of extreme noise of opinions that don’t contribute to constructive solutions. More than ever we need quiet reflective moments to stay with what …

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Self- Love Unstuck

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It is easy to love lovable.  It takes effort to love what seems to be not easy to love. Where to from Here? Start with Loving Yourself Unapologetically, all of it, without any exception and with acceptance and compassion. Then look at others and notice how much more room you can have for loving imperfections. Appreciate your own effort each …

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What Would Love Do?

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You and me, we know what hate and revenge does. What hurt ignites. What anger and frustration are capable of. What jealousy conspires. What envy manipulates. What unworthiness manifests. We know. We have seen it! We witness all around us. So next time you are pushed against the wall. Next time you feel cornered. Next time you are overwhelmed by …

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The Story of Self- Love

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Self-love the most often neglected aspect of our wellbeing. Frequently misinterpreted as selfishness or narcissism. Associated with egoism and inability to love others, evokes anger and generates rejection by those who seem to be lacking an understanding that self-love is the very foundation of healthy well balanced and a pathway to a fulfilled life. Without knowing who we are first, …

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Only Hurt People Hurt People

In Love, Personal Development, Reflection, Relatioships, Soul Care Program, Transformation by Kasia Jamroz Comments

We all have been hurt in one way or the other. We have been betrayed, disappointed and wounded. I SEE YOUR PAIN. And it is Time To LET GO and clean the debris to raise in our humanness. Lets start healing ourselves first so we CANNOT simply hurt others. Lets release anger, resentment and unworthiness and Transform it to energy …

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Becoming A Consciously Imperfect Leader

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Traditional leadership models tend to portray leaders as being all things to all people: to command, to control and to orchestrate the actions of others at all levels of the organization, to have the intellectual capacity to make sense of remarkably complex issues while at the same time creating the future that ignites everyone’s enthusiasm, to have all the answers …