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How To Optimize The Brain’s Response To Change

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Why do most change management efforts fail? Life is about change. To survive, we must change; we must continue to adapt. Whether we like it or not, there is only one thing we can be certain of: that things will remain changing in ways we cannot foresee or forecast. Although we could never really predict or have absolute certainty about …

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You Are The Storm

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You are the storm. Steering inside of you. 13 So give in to it, step right into the middle of it, closing your eyes and holding your breath so the sand doesn’t distract you and just walk through it, step by step. Following your heart while mastering your mind. Surrendering to LOVE, because through love comes the CALM. Through calm …

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Provable Truths

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Most of us are not looking for provable truths, as truth is often accompanied by intense pain, so almost none of us is looking for that. However seeking the truth, and experiencing them seems to get us closer to our next transformative leap while expanding our personal webs of consciousness. Being with the despair of our own emotions. Tasting the …