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How To Optimize The Brain’s Response To Change

In Leadership, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Mindfulness, neuroscience, Personal Development by Kasia Jamroz Comments

Why do most change management efforts fail? Life is about change. To survive, we must change; we must continue to adapt. Whether we like it or not, there is only one thing we can be certain of: that things will remain changing in ways we cannot foresee or forecast. Although we could never really predict or have absolute certainty about …

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Effective Ways to Practice Self- Love

In Love, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Reflection, Soul Care Program, Transformation by Kasia Jamroz Comments

It feels more natural to crave the reward rather than the struggle. To have results while skipping the process. Being in love with the victory and not the battle itself. To boost our self-esteem through justification when we fail to get what we want rather. To play our favorite blame game – blaming our childhood, our parents, even the political …

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Know the Diffrence

In Human Nature, Life Lessons, Love, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Reflection by Kasia Jamroz Comments

Not everything needs to be always spoken up. Some thoughts are of the knee jerk reaction nature.. there is no need to share them as they only instigate reactions. And we are already living in a time of extreme noise of opinions that don’t contribute to constructive solutions. More than ever we need quiet reflective moments to stay with what …