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The Tale of Freed Self

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“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another” #tonimorrison Six years ago ( this coming October) I dropped the chains of my own slavery – all the thoughts that were holding me back and all the emotions that were taking me to the same old places. And Oh boy what did I know …. the …

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Some things are only understood backward

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“as she looked into her past, she noticed that the road she had traveled was no simple straight line. her journey toward fully loving herself and the world was full of forward and backward movement, twists, turns, detours, and even some pauses. at times, she doubted her progress, her potential, and even her power to change. but today, with the …

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Effective Ways to Practice Self- Love

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It feels more natural to crave the reward rather than the struggle. To have results while skipping the process. Being in love with the victory and not the battle itself. To boost our self-esteem through justification when we fail to get what we want rather. To play our favorite blame game – blaming our childhood, our parents, even the political …