Gratitude Ritual

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Today I am very grateful for the last 17 years. Today another chapter of my journey made a full circle. I found home in yet another country – in the country that never ever cross my mind to live in. Today, I understand more, argue less. I am humbled by received possibilities and all opportunities taken (and believe me I …

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The Tale of Freed Self

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“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another” #tonimorrison Six years ago ( this coming October) I dropped the chains of my own slavery – all the thoughts that were holding me back and all the emotions that were taking me to the same old places. And Oh boy what did I know …. the …

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How to Unlock Self- Love?

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Any relationship can be transformed as long as the journey begins with YOU. Believe in relatedness, kindness, and empathy for yourself and the others. Be interested in togetherness and connectedness – raw, unfiltered and uncensored. Trust solidarity and union of people coming together, brave enough to speak up the unspeakable and what makes us all  humans. That is your tribe …

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Know the Diffrence

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Not everything needs to be always spoken up. Some thoughts are of the knee jerk reaction nature.. there is no need to share them as they only instigate reactions. And we are already living in a time of extreme noise of opinions that don’t contribute to constructive solutions. More than ever we need quiet reflective moments to stay with what …

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The Story of Self- Love

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Self-love the most often neglected aspect of our wellbeing. Frequently misinterpreted as selfishness or narcissism. Associated with egoism and inability to love others, evokes anger and generates rejection by those who seem to be lacking an understanding that self-love is the very foundation of healthy well balanced and a pathway to a fulfilled life. Without knowing who we are first, …

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Experiment with Your Reality

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As the New Year kicks in, there might be more reasons to wanting to play….  Then, experiment with your reality and see the shift in you. Just for a change try a few new things : * stop obsessing what others think of you; * stop being offended by everything and everyone; * stop taking things personally; * stop making …