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Becoming A Consciously Imperfect Leader

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Traditional leadership models tend to portray leaders as being all things to all people: to command, to control and to orchestrate the actions of others at all levels of the organization, to have the intellectual capacity to make sense of remarkably complex issues while at the same time creating the future that ignites everyone’s enthusiasm, to have all the answers …

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How To Cultivate Better Self-Awareness In Leadership

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Being emboldened by a vision of success — often skewed — intoxicates many and takes them to the verge of humiliation and destruction. Experience, ego and a conscious or subconscious desire for superiority often overshadow an adequate perception of reality. The balancing act between selfishness and altruism, overconfidence and humility, wins and steady progress seems to be taking many powerful leaders over the edge. …

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How Introspection Can Be Self-Deceiving

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Narrow focus and tunneled vision will take us only as far as the beaten path In an interview with Harvard Business Review, organizational psychologist and executive coach Tasha Eurich stated that “according to our research with thousands of people from all around the world, 95% of people believe that they’re self-aware, but only about 10–15% really are. So, the joke I …

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Why Do I Do What I Do?

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Many ask me “Why do you do what you do? See, when it comes to matter of running and climbing, I divide people into two types: Those I don’t’ need to explain my passion to, and Others who would never understand it. I love doing extraordinary things. I love to challenge myself and to compete with my biggest and only …

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Commitment Demands Consistency

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ommitment is a persistence with a purpose. Devotion, dedication, loyalty, and emotional contribution to the declared choices. Yet, often times commitment is misunderstood for attachment and used interchangeably. The distinction is both huge and pricey. Attachment limits possibilities and leads to imprisonment and dependence. Commitment thrives on discovery and freedom. Attachment latches onto the specific outcome leaving us worried and …

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Do Things Before You Know You Can Do Them

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Feeling somewhat emotional (actually quite emotional) leaving Boston after spending an entirely unexpectedly magical week – yes, apparently you can experience magic at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. I jumped into another reality, a totally unfamiliar territory. It supposed to feel awkward, and it did not. It supposed to be uncomfortable, and it was not. Was it challenging my status quo?? Hell …