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Know the Diffrence

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Not everything needs to be always spoken up. Some thoughts are of the knee jerk reaction nature.. there is no need to share them as they only instigate reactions. And we are already living in a time of extreme noise of opinions that don’t contribute to constructive solutions. More than ever we need quiet reflective moments to stay with what …

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Many Fears Many Masters.

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One of the most prevailing fears seem to be the fear of being seen which disables us to show up authentically, especially when we cannot predict nor control the outcome. Putting ourselves in the spotlight can bread failure, betrayal, disappointment or heartbreak – all at once when we drop the layers of pretense. Risk of rejection exists yet freedom of …

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The Most #Exciting, #challenging, and #significant #relationship of all is the one you have with #yourself. Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the #past, stop planning the #future,stop figuring out precisely how we #feel, stop #deciding exactly what we #want, and just see what happens.” #carriebradshaw Oh so in #love with living my future now- taking a quantum leap with …

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While you’re thinking — life happens — while you’re doing nothing.

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One day you get to play the lottery. You have the winning ticket and as a result, each day your bank account is being credited with $86,400. Yet the jackpot comes with two rules. You must spend all $86,400 each day going forward. If you don’t, whatever is left at the end of the day will be taken away from …

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Commitment Demands Consistency

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ommitment is a persistence with a purpose. Devotion, dedication, loyalty, and emotional contribution to the declared choices. Yet, often times commitment is misunderstood for attachment and used interchangeably. The distinction is both huge and pricey. Attachment limits possibilities and leads to imprisonment and dependence. Commitment thrives on discovery and freedom. Attachment latches onto the specific outcome leaving us worried and …

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There Are Many Ways to Live Our Lives.

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We can either do nothing at all or do absolutely everything, however both options seem almost improbable. Most likely, we drift between emerging in and out of something. On rare occasions, we get to go “beyond”. And when it happens, it is quite enchanting, extremely scary, and absolutely worth it. Though only if we are ready to fully accept the …