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Just Dance

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My Universe is moving quite fast these days. Desert storm – as new things are emerging they seem to demand immediate attention. Never ending complains of the material plane seems circle around yet they are bouncing back against my newly acquired indifference to concept of urgency. I tend to always react as if my reaction was the solution. The fastest …

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Never Underestimate the Impact You Have on People

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Never underestimate the impact you have on people. It has been only two weeks at the volunteer house at the African Impact and many weeks too short. I feel so undone…..sentimental already and hungry for more. The power of the impact we can have on people and their ability to succeed never should be put into question. The Power of …

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Instead of Getting a Life – Live Your Life

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Don’t look for perfection, search for content. Don’t say “I need to get a life, Live Your Life”. Immerse yourself fully and undeniably in what makes your heart skip the beat. And go for it despite all that wants you to stop it. Run, jog, crawl if you must – just don’t stop and never look back unless you want …

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While you’re thinking — life happens — while you’re doing nothing.

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One day you get to play the lottery. You have the winning ticket and as a result, each day your bank account is being credited with $86,400. Yet the jackpot comes with two rules. You must spend all $86,400 each day going forward. If you don’t, whatever is left at the end of the day will be taken away from …

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“Everything you seek lives within you”

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There is no ultimate beauty – only what we find pretty. There are no objective truths – only what we consider as facts. There are no ultimately universal experiences – only the ones that create meanings and interpretations for us. There is no right or wrong – only differences in beliefs and values. There are experiences purely intended by us …

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Pause and Celebrate

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Today I Pause and I CELEBRATE the moment; to fully appreciate life with its bitter sweetness tastes and flavors. I Dive into and indulge in the feeling of satisfaction. Then I Swim in the pleasurable sensation of self-realization, change, transformation and ultimate gratitude for the opportunities to experience it all. Fully reconciling each of them, noticing how they differentiate from …