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Many Fears Many Masters.

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One of the most prevailing fears seem to be the fear of being seen which disables us to show up authentically, especially when we cannot predict nor control the outcome. Putting ourselves in the spotlight can bread failure, betrayal, disappointment or heartbreak – all at once when we drop the layers of pretense. Risk of rejection exists yet freedom of …

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You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. #JonKabatZinn What I have learned from surfing so far: *Life and living needs immense patience. * Our choices makes us who we are. * No one can ever save us. It is an inside job. * Thoughts don’t have their own life; they live off our identification with them. …

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An Art of Self – Love

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If being in love is being in resonance with who you are then being in SELF-LOVE is nothing else but a being in deep resonance with yourself that comes from WITHIN – accepting yourself, loving and owning up your own deepest wants, needs and desires, your own flaws and imperfection, your our own majestic messiness. Without self – absorption and …

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The Most #Exciting, #challenging, and #significant #relationship of all is the one you have with #yourself. Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the #past, stop planning the #future,stop figuring out precisely how we #feel, stop #deciding exactly what we #want, and just see what happens.” #carriebradshaw Oh so in #love with living my future now- taking a quantum leap with …

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It Does Not Matter How Far You Travel. You Can Never Get Away From Yourself.

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It does not matter how far you travel. You can never get away from yourself.  Tame your mind Train your mind Test your mind  Transcend your mind Repeat often   You don’t need to know everything  Everything does not need to be known  Trust your confidence  It is the effort that counts   #kasiajamrozcoach #knowthyself #aweareness #leadership #effort #effectiveness #trust …