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“A lasting transformation is only possible from deep within; repetitively ripping and stripping the layers of absurd and borrowed assumptions, limiting beliefs and debilitating fears.” —Kasia Jamroz

The inward journey requires a daily ritual of “spring cleaning” to successively remove all that clutter and debris that get in the way of our growth. It calls for a “connoisseur eye” not to get rid of the “vintage” pieces of us worth keeping as they hold timeless value.

Soul Care Practice Program has been designed to guide you to define your needs and goals without fear. To start fresh, lighter and less entangled. To learn and to practice: unplugging, unbecoming, un-judging, un-blaming and unlearning. To get you in an alignment with your highest Self.

AMAZING-NESS OF LIVING starts with confronting the unknown through breakdowns, breakthroughs, and unleashed self-expression.

Only by understanding your unique path at which you travel, you can process any challenges you my face with gratitude and compassion, and an expanded awareness will lead you to powerful transformation of your own life as well as the those around you.

Soul Care Practice Program improves the quality of your life by giving you an access to your personal power.

  • Learn to prioritize over everyone else’s demands on you.
  • Become a master of your destiny rather than a victim of your history.
  • Transform limited perceptions, attitudes, and emotions into empowering manifestations of who you are.
  • Get past your self-imposed limitations, discover your true potential, and achieve more than you may have thought it was possible.

If you are

  • Trying to ” Get a Life” instead of Living Your Life
  • Missing on life because of fear, anger, frustration or disappointment
  • Feeling confused, lost or overwhelmed
  • Feeling pressured by everyone else’s demands on you
  • Dragging all unfinished and unsorted life’s debries
  • Lacking effectiveness and productivity
  • Challenged by competing priorities
  • Longing to connect to your inner self and inner wisdom
  • Not sure what matters and what truly don’t anymore
  • Experiencing some degree of success yet still feeling empty inside like something important is missing

And you dare to:

  • Explore what energizes you and what drains you
  • Discover and un- bottle your emotions that drive your behaviors and reactions
  • Face your unhealthy believes
  • Question and challenge the Status Quo so you can define success on your own terms
  • Release and Clean up what no longer serves you
  • Discover the keys to satisfying and fulfilling relationship with yourself and the others
  • Unplug, Recharge & Reinvent Yourself

Then SOUL Care Practice Program

Breakthrough • Clarity • Transformation

Is For You!

This program will:
Move You • Inspire You • Encourage You • Push You

  • Grow into your expanded Self
  • Clarify your values, goals and vision for Life
  • Discover hidden aspects of your personality
  • Get equipped with essential tools to connect with yourself and the others, to appreciate your strengths and love your weaknesses
  • Understand the language of your emotion
  • Reclaim the gifts of relatedness and connection
  • Create partnerships aligned with your vison and purpose.
  • Receive 12 (twelve) 60 min 1-on-1 sessions to Challenge The Impossible, discuss undisguisable, discover your values, find your purpose to align with your inner Self to create a solid foundation to your ongoing transformation. (value of $1800)
  • Continue with Soul Care Practice Maintenance Program (pay as you go)

Explore the following topics :

  • Power of Reframing the Context
  • Overcoming Fear: Managing Emotions & Cultivating Courage
  • Confronting The Unknown: Getting Clarity of Personal Vision
  • Reducing Clutter: Creating Focus & Staying in Alignment with Purpose

PLUS you will receive a practical guide to communicate effectively: “How to Listen to Hear and to Be Heard”

“Transformation is a way of being and living. Despite the circumstances, despite the opinions of others, despite our own inner-critic voice.”

— Kasia Jamroz

You don’t need a magic wand—you are it!

“Kasia’s humility in sharing her personal journey and the techniques she uses to connect people are just beautiful. Thanks to Kasia, I realized another level of passion for the divine. Thank you Kasia for everything.. your time.. dedication and, most beautifully your non judgement and love. Your energy was endless and your love was moving, touching and inspiring.” —Anita H.

Break”Through” to
The Leader in You
Creating Results That Last

Registration open now

Break”Through” to The Leader in You Program supports development of leaders at all levels. It helps to address the individual and organizational reality, and to align personal advancement with the demands and expectations of the actual business objectives.
This program delivers results that matters to YOU:

    Personalized RoadMap To Change helps you to:
  • Understand your inborn preferences and how they shape your relationships with others, your communication, conflict management and decision-making style through MBTI Personality Type Indicator (value of $100)
  • Recognize how your perceptions and perspectives drive and/or control your live
  • Dismantle limiting believes
  • Overcome Fear: Manage Emotional Additions & Cultivate Courage
  • Prepare for Management or Leadership roles
  • Increase Personal Effectiveness and Performance
  • Overcome Fear: Manage Emotional Additions & Cultivate Courage
  • Deal effectively with Conflict
  • Welcome your strengths and appreciate your weaknesses
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Clarify Values, Objectives and Goals
  • Predicts performance (Your Potential, Your Challenge, Your Motives, Drives and Your Values) through Hogan Lead Series Assessments (value of $ 500)

With focus on YOU – Break”Through” to The Leader in You” Program assists you in understanding the Leader in You and it is your next step in achieving your individual and professional goals and aspirations.


    Establish Credibility
    Lead with Purpose
    Tolerate Ambiguity
    Drive Results
    Articulate Your Vision
    Become effective Leader, Influencer and Communicator.

    Remove internal blocks and barriers
    Empower yourself and experience a deep and satisfying connection to your authentic SELF
    Show up consistently in the way that allows You to build authentic interpersonal connections, trust, cultivate personal growth and co- create your desired outcomes. Overcome toxic beliefs and behaviors

    The quality of your leadership style drives your and your team performance, contributing to the organizational effectiveness.

Break”Through” to The Leader in You

Twelve (12) 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session to Assess, Plan and Action your Personal Development Plan (value of $ 1800)

Two (2) 60 min 1-on-1 session to understand your results along with development plan (value of $ 300)

Four (4) 30 min 1-on-1 maintenance coaching sessions to support your learnings and discoveries post – graduation from the program. (value of $ 300)

MBTI Personality Type Indicator (value of $100)

Hogan Lead Series Assessment (value of $ 500)

Limited time offer. Register by November 15 and save $505| *offer expires at midnight | ** $600 deposit required to be applied towards the program fee upon full registration

Full price $3000
Special: $2,495

$600 Deposit to Save Your Place in the Program

Break”Through” to You Creating Results That Last

Registration open now

Register for the Break”through” to You Program and get:

  • Online Hogan Lead Assessment – the only assessment that predicts performance (Your Potential, Your Challenge, Your Motives, and Drives) (value of $500)
  • Receive 90 min 1-on-1 coaching session to understand your results
  • Receive a coaching report specifically design to your personal developmental needs and goals
  • “How to listen to hear and to be heard” – A practical guide to communicate effectively

Confused, tired and overwhelmed. Struggling with commitment yet longing the needed to change to move forward? Not sure if coaching is right for you or just wanting to test dive it what may be possible for you? Wanting to break the habit from busy-ness to busy-less?

If this sounds like you, then this powerful, swift and straightforward option is just for you.

Understand your values, motives, and drivers. Discover your “bright”side (your potential) and “dark” side(your challenge). Get the powerful distinction between Identity and Reputation and how they both influence and predict your performance. All of that just under one week time.

“Break”Through” to You

Limited time offer. Register by Novemver 15and save $100 | *offer expires at midnight | ** $400 deposit required to be applied towards the program fee upon full registration

Full price $950
Special: $850

$400 Deposit to Save Your Place in the Program

Complimentary 60min Clarity Session

Please fill out this Transformative Clarity Session Questionnaire which will help me to assist you in gaining clarity about where you are in relation to your dreams, passions and goals you want to accomplish. Answering these questions should take you 10 minutes and all information is 100% confidential.

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If you want a change– whether it is changing or creating a habit or behaviour, improving your work-life balance, changing your career, improving your relationships, being more creative at work etc – AND you are determined to take steps to achieve it, then most likely you will benefit from one of my programs.
Each program is designed for a specific length of time. In some instances, the program may last longer as it depends on where you are, where you want to go, and how quickly you want to get there. It also depends on accommodating unforeseen circumstances (illness, emergency, business trip) . Most clients, however, are able to complete the program with the prescribed amount of time. Dedication, determination, and personal drive are the key to the successful and empowering completion.
I pledge to support and assist you in reaching your own goals. Your success however depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. I cannot guarantee that you will attain a particular result. You accept that results differ for everyone and depend on individual background, dedication, motivation and most importantly action. Since those results are based on many different variables, many of which I am not able to control, therefore I cannot make any guarantees as to your outcome.
I offer Skype and telephone coaching for individuals who are unable to meet face to face, or whom may simply find these services easier and more convenient. Online and telephone coaching can be offered in addition to one-on-one meetings or as the primary method of coaching. Online access or free call -in number will be provided upon registration to the program.
Any assessment and its report offered through the program is yours to keep and to share with whomever you desire to. It becomes available to you upon registration and completion of the online questionnaire associated with the tool offered in the program.
By using information and materials provided through my Website, Programs and Services, and Blog, You acknowledge that your participation is voluntarily and you are solely and personally responsible for your choices, actions and results. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgment before applying any recommendation or suggestion that you may receive on or through my Website, Programs and Services and Blog. You accept that you take full responsibility for your health, life and well-being, as well as the health, lives and well-being of your family and children (where applicable), for all decisions now and in the future.
The information contained in my Website, Programs or Services is not intended to be a substitute for legal or financial advice that can be provided by your own lawyer, accountant, and/or financial advisor. Although care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, and I accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. The law is constantly changing, and therefore it affects each individual and business in different ways. As a result, it is
  1. Credit Card/PayPal – payment must be made before each session.
  2. Cheque – payment must be made before the program begins
All information shared for billing or for sessions is held in strict confidence. Your personally information is never sold, traded, or given away. Our relationship is completely confidential. I will not be telling anyone you are my client and I will not reveal the content of our coaching sessions to anyone. This is sacred. You are free to share whatever you choose from our sessions with anyone.
View full Cancellation Policy here.
You can reach me through my contact page. Please include your contact details and a good time to reach you.

Select Your Preferred Program Level and Package Option:

Soul Care Practice Program

Limited time offer. Register by November 31 and save $600 | *offer expires at midnight | ** $150 deposit required to be applied towards the program fee upon full registration

Full price $1,800
Special: $1,200

$150 Deposit to Save Your Place in the Program

“Break”Through” to You

Limited time offer. Register by November 31 and save $100 | *offer expires at midnight | ** $400 deposit required to be applied towards the program fee upon full registration

Full price $950
Special: $850

$400 Deposit to Save Your Place in the Program

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