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An Art of Self – Love

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If being in love is being in resonance with who you are then being in SELF-LOVE is nothing else but a being in deep resonance with yourself that comes from WITHIN – accepting yourself, loving and owning up your own deepest wants, needs and desires, your own flaws and imperfection, your our own majestic messiness. Without self – absorption and …

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The Most #Exciting, #challenging, and #significant #relationship of all is the one you have with #yourself. Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the #past, stop planning the #future,stop figuring out precisely how we #feel, stop #deciding exactly what we #want, and just see what happens.” #carriebradshaw Oh so in #love with living my future now- taking a quantum leap with …

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Own Up Your Mind

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If you cannot control your mind – someone else will.  If you don’t understand someone or something- you will make assumptions based on your own beliefs system.  If you misinterpret LOVE – you will equate it to making others happy at your own cost.  If you choose technology over thinking for yourself y- ou will let others to stupidize you …

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Just Dance

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My Universe is moving quite fast these days. Desert storm – as new things are emerging they seem to demand immediate attention. Never ending complains of the material plane seems circle around yet they are bouncing back against my newly acquired indifference to concept of urgency. I tend to always react as if my reaction was the solution. The fastest …

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I am liking being alone. Enjoying my own company. Drifting off and getting lost in the depths of the corners and detours of my soul. Listening to the whispers. Smiling at the chatters. Arguing with the fear. Shouting at injustice and inequality. Processing, analyzing and synthesizing. Enjoying arrivals to the conclusions. Playing with dreams. Creating realities. Resting in unbecoming. Resisting …

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In The Matrix

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In the Matrix – The Barranco WALL Totally vertical when you stand at the bottom. The wall plays hide and seek with you as it makes its reappearances through the fog and clouds. Flirting while adding the mystery tangled with sensationalism of unexplainability. If you start paying closer attention and sharpen your focus enough you will notice a mirage-like, looming …

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Live It Up! – Transformation one RACE at a time.

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What an incredible experience the TSC New York marathon had been. The VIBE, the ENERGY, the SPIRIT. Unforgettable. As I SENSE the aches and soreness in my body, I bring back the feeling of admiration for all the amazing people with whom I shared the race course. I reflect on my 20th mile when I got existential and questioned my …