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The Story of Self- Love

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Self-love the most often neglected aspect of our wellbeing. Frequently misinterpreted as selfishness or narcissism. Associated with egoism and inability to love others, evokes anger and generates rejection by those who seem to be lacking an understanding that self-love is the very foundation of healthy well balanced and a pathway to a fulfilled life. Without knowing who we are first, …

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An Art of Self – Love

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If being in love is being in resonance with who you are then being in SELF-LOVE is nothing else but a being in deep resonance with yourself that comes from WITHIN – accepting yourself, loving and owning up your own deepest wants, needs and desires, your own flaws and imperfection, your our own majestic messiness. Without self – absorption and …

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It Does Not Matter How Far You Travel. You Can Never Get Away From Yourself.

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It does not matter how far you travel. You can never get away from yourself.  Tame your mind Train your mind Test your mind  Transcend your mind Repeat often   You don’t need to know everything  Everything does not need to be known  Trust your confidence  It is the effort that counts   #kasiajamrozcoach #knowthyself #aweareness #leadership #effort #effectiveness #trust …

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Being Real

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Being real is tough. It is like having a contagious disease. You are involuntary quarantined and isolated in order to stop the spread of “the unknown and life threatening virus”. Authenticity hurts – it brings repudiation to the both sides – rejector and rejectee. Arrogance breads indifference. Contrast attracts fear. Fear ignites primal instincts. Survival awakens judgment. Judgment separates. Separation …

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Coincided Happenstances

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Life is being what it is – series of intertwined lives, sequenced, incidents, and coincided happenstances. Highlighting our existence joyously or painfully depending what we are meant to discover. Sometimes it feels like we are in control. Other times, it feels like we’re on a collision course heading for a crush. Not necessarily always knowing which one we are in …