I have the questions, you have the answers.

Where traditional employee engagement techniques fail, coaching succeeds.

Where old human resources management philosophy capitulates,
individually tailored Human Capital Strategy solutions prevail.

ALYKA Solutions

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Human Capital Management Strategy, Wellness, Benefits

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Transformational Coaching

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ALYKA Solutions was born out of necessity to address mid-corporate-sized and growing businesses’ challenges associated with Human Capital Management; precisely relating to organizational leadership culture, desired leadership presence, team effectiveness attracting and retaining the best people while reducing employee costs and to counter retention and turnover with the objective to unleash innovation and creativity, accelerate performance, boost employee engagement and productivity.

ALYKA’s Concierge style service delivers tailored solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the organizational life cycle by recalibrating approach to managing talent in today’s ever-changing work environment while minimizing the cost of people initiatives and employee learning & development programs, recruitment and selection.
ALYKA is a one-stop shopping destination for all Human Capital Management needs. Whether seeking a fully outsourced solutions or just to complement the existing in-house Human Resources, Employee Relations and Benefits functionality – growing businesses can utilize the cost-saving functionality of the ALYKA platform.


Break”THROUGH” to the Leader In YOU


with Kasia Jamroz

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ALYKA’s Roadmap to Change – Human Capital Management Strategy reinforces the effectiveness of HR as a business transformer, strategic partner and leadership incubator, leading the way in people initiatives while delivering bottom-line results.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Developing and innovating human intellectual and social capabilities to achieve higher levels of performance and secure sustainable competitive advantage.

Culture Analysis

Effective leadership outperforms ineffective leadership, which is why I think leadership is a primary competitive advantage and a strategic priority. The effectiveness of the leadership system in an organization determines, to a large degree, the organization’s survival, especially in volatile and uncertain business environments.

Recruitment and Selection

It’s no secret that employee turnover is expensive. The complexity of rapidly accelerating competition for top performers points towards the necessity to strengthen recruitment strategy as the most effective tactic in the war on talent. Personality, potential, values and drivers are imperative factors when considering an employee for hire at any level. Understanding how different generation and spreading cultural acceptance of a job-hopping mentality are shaping current workplace and dramatically influencing the nature of the game.

Exit Interviews

Skilled employees are the asset that drives organizational success. Therefore companies must learn from them—why they stay, why they leave, and how the organization needs to adapt in order to create a Competitive Advantage. An accurately designed and executed EI program delivers instrumental insight into what happens behind the silos walls and it gives a glimpse into employees thinking as well as their expectations.

The Roadmap to Change

Individually tailored Human Capital Management Strategy (‘HMCS’) solutions bring about monumental transformation in the effectiveness of the organizational life cycle and recalibrated and optimized approach to managing talent in today’s ever-changing work environment while minimizing the cost of people initiatives and employee programs. The well documented results include enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those corporations that incorporate HCMS can also expect appreciable improvement in productivity, increased employee satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.


Return on Investment

A study of Fortune 500 telecommunications companies by MatrixGlobal™ found that executive coaching resulted in an astonishing 529% ROI. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) concludes “coaching is no longer perceived just as a nice-to-have intervention.”

Return on Investment
Satisfaction with overall experience
Commitment to roll-out HMCS company-wide

Increased Productivity

Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.
This improved:

Work Performance by:
Business Management by:
Time Management by:
Team Effectiveness by:

Positive People

Building the self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical in meeting organizational demands. This improved:

Self-Confidence by:
Relationships by:
Communication Skills by:
Life/Work Balance by:

Source: Commissioned by the ICF and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers

What’s In It For You?

Roadmap to Change – Executive Coaching provides a palpable change in behavior by bringing tangible and measurable benefits:


  • Connector.

    Accelerated Performance

  • Connector.

    Dismantled fears and doubts

  • Connector.

    Increased employee morale, engagement, and retention

  • Connector.

    Improved employee productivity

  • Connector.

    Engaged and strong corporate culture

  • Connector.

    Reduced negativity within the organizational environment

  • Connector.

    Increased employees competency and confidence levels


  • Connector.

    Increased confidence

  • Connector.

    Unfolded meaningful, inspired and purposeful life

  • Connector.

    Clarified values

  • Connector.

    Clarified direction, objectives and goals

  • Connector.

    Developed new pathways and accomplished milestones

  • Connector.

    Unleashed imagination, creativity and self-expression

  • Connector.

    Developed and expanded awareness and potentials in all areas of life

Meet Kasia

Executive Business Leadership Coach

I am Conscious Leadership Coach, Personal and Organizational Transformation Advocate, a Provocateur, Adventurist, Global Citizen, Traveler and Himalayan Climber. I believe in irresistible power of choice and living life congruent with our highest values.

I consult on, design, and facilitate coaching and advisory programs and seminars focusing on developing sustainable solutions and strategies to address challenges associated with Human Capital Management – precisely relating to organizational culture, desired leadership presence, team effectiveness, and attracting and retaining top talent.

I bring my personal experience of transformation along with unique blend of expertise and intuition to assist individuals, professionals and corporations in overcoming challenges associated with creativity and innovation, personal engagement and satisfaction. I encourage exploration of underlying passions and desires, determination of highest values by challenging own believe system.

kasia jamroz coach


Coaching Engagements—
Conversations that Transform

We all encounter: crossroads, detours, challenges, and/or new chapters. We all experience feelings of confusion, doubt, or uncertainty in all aspects of our lives. Our beliefs, assumptions and judgments shape the reality we experience which hinder desired outcomes. We all have different needs and we are becoming bystanders of circumstances of which the timing is unpredictable. We also do not naturally come equipped with all the tools needed to deal with upsets and disruptive patterns that show up on the ‘court of life’.

Professional Coaching is becoming a widely acknowledged and recognized discipline as many people realize just how effective this structured approach may be. Guiding clients to discovery of where they want to go and enabling them to get there lies at the core of coaching methodology and fuels the increasing popularity of the coaching profession. Coaching offers a radically new perspective of the human nature. It proposes a paradigm shift – all contained in a learning and development module that permits a different and effective approach to developing traditional ‘intangibles’ – positive behavior, integrity, humanity, ethics, culture and emotional maturity. Personal growth is “hot”. Coaching gives clients the confidence to get ‘unstuck’ — to change careers, repair relationships, or simply get their act together. The permission for “action oriented” future – focused approach, that emphasize evolving and manifesting individual potential which is so vital for successful performance in the modern world.

See What Kasia’s Clients Say

“Kasia is an excellent business executive coach to work with. She is a great listener. She also asks the right questions, helping you find the answers yourself. She is very committed and structured in her approach. Kasia helped me set my own goals and gave me the tools to be able to achieve them. I am profoundly grateful for having had a chance to work with Kasia, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.”

—Adela Pozder-Cengic
Program Manager / Head of Sector at UNDP

“Working with Kasia and having her as a coach was a very rewarding experience. Starting with The Leadership Circle exercise gave us the ability to see how I perceived myself compared to how others perceived me. The data points with noticeable gaps gave us areas to focus on. From there we reflected on what changes could be made to improve and then put those plans into action. This year was a record breaking year for my company and I believe Kasia’s coaching played a role in our growth. Kasia consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone by asking some hard, but important questions. I would highly recommend Kasia to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.”

—Steven Buchta
CEO at Corporate Creations

“Kasia was very helpful during a very challenging period in my life last year. ‘I have the questions, you have the answers’ sounded too good to be true at first. Not when Kasia asks the questions. The right questions. Every session was bringing something new, and within just a few sessions she helped me to get to the bottom of the problems and it was a huge relief to understand the reasons behind my behavior. She not only has the knowledge, but a true gift to listen and understand what you need. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

—Dominika Knossalla
Trainer at Puppy Prep

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